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It’s only right that it should take me months to finish posting about this unfinished (now mostly finished) business. The other side of my kitchen is still pretty horrible, but here, at long last, is what this setup looks like from the other side. I spend way too much time tinkering with the contents of that glass-fronted cabinet—probably because I spend way too much time staring at it from the couch. Ricky started laughing at me today because I asked for help deciding where to put something in the bedroom. He laughed because of what the thing was: a very small chair (I think it was my grandfather’s) that I brought back from my mom’s house last weekend and upon the seat of which I had stacked a pile of antique books and a carved wooden rabbit. Where to put such a thing, indeed. I then spent about an hour obsessing over what objects to rotate into display on my bedside table before settling on a pink marble apple, a miniature cedar chest, and one Eiffel Tower model (the one that I brought back from Paris ten years ago, not the larger one that I bought on our trip last year—I bargained down to 4 Euro, but, due to our over-zealous attempt to reduce the amount of currency changing for that brief foray across the Channel, that still meant that Ricky and I had to eat vending machine dinner in the train station that evening).

I probably never would have been happy enough with how the front of this cabinet looks to take and post a picture of the “finished” view, but I saw Hop sitting up there with my mixer and my breadbox and decided just to go for it. So, not finished—never finished—but here’s what it looks like lately: full of vintage Nancy Drew books and blue-green glass.

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throw pillows

(that’s what Ricky calls the two fluffiest of my cats; I think, though, that it works equally well for all of them here)

Things have been a bit messy around here lately—the reintroduction of Ricky’s stuff (and his cat) into the tiny house, Ikea travels and another basement reorganization, travels to my mom’s house and back, and a couple days of me being unable to move or do anything but wave sadly at Ricky in a non-verbal attempt to request another popsicle.

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“all is going to plan”

I found this tucked inside a book. I vaguely remember buying it at an antique store or a flea market or something; postcards, though, aren’t really my thing. Sometimes I’ll look through boxes of them, sorted by state, to see if I can find any familiar landmarks—the Mother Church in Boston, Wellesley College as it was in the 1920’s, Pikes Peak or the Gateway Arch. I couldn’t figure out, though, why this rabbit card had caught my eye—until I turned it over:

“all is going to plan.”

It really makes one wonder about Ethel’s plan—and Daisy’s potentially sinister involvement in it. And what part the rabbits play in all of it.

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$2 at the Market

I love Madison. I biked home with this bunch of pussywillows on my back and nobody gave a second look.

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