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11:15 PM—

The softness of snow always reminds me of a night in Harvard Square when we walked through the quieted streets; I put my hand into the pocket of my black wool coat and found it still full of candy wrappers from the movie we’d just seen.

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Yet another reason why I always eat while sitting on the couch.

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This is the most photogenic thing I’ve cooked in a while.

I’ve been having terrible cravings for Vietnamese food lately. We have amazing Laotian food in Madison, but the (vegetarian) Vietnamese options are a little disappointing.

The dog is bored by this. He is also bored to death with winter, which has put an end to our long strolls through woods and prairie. Instead, he chases the cats around and looks at me like this. Then we go outside, and he tries to walk across the snow without putting all four of his feet down at once. Also, he eats a lot of snow. Then, moments later, we dash back inside.

Smashing peanuts works so much better than trying to chop them. I don’t know why it took me so long to buy a mortar and pestle.

Vietnamese-ish food in my Virginia Woolf-themed Pottery Barn bowl. Strange bedfellows. Did you know there are many recipes out there for fish-less fish sauce? I wasn’t convinced by any of them, so I ended up with an unscientific mixture of pressed garlic, boiling water, rice vinegar, sugar, and chili garlic paste. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty good.

Lots of snow melt today. Drip, drip. I even opened a window for a while.

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